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Paradise Valley Elementary

5 Dec · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Christmas Card Contest Winners

We know that Christmas is brighter through the eyes of a child. We see this exemplified when we tasked Club members to create a Christmas card. We see the excitement they hold for the holiday and the joy they feel when they can spend it with family and those they love. This year 157 creations …


28 Jun · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Super Hero Dogs and Donuts

The Casper Police Department has a few super heroes on its force and their super power is their noses. They don’t wear a cape or a special insignia on their chests, but they can run at lightning speeds and sniff out danger in seconds. Meet K9 Patrick. He and his partner Officer Seth Wheeler of …


7 Nov · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Actually, It Is Rocket Science

Each Thursday afternoon, a group of Club kids becomes aerospace engineers charged with creating their own space program. They can build space traveling systems and experiment with different parts to determine how it would affect the overall success of the machine. It’s all done through simulation in an application called Kerbal Space Program. “Children can …


11 Sep · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

School Sites Provide Safety and Convenience

Once the school bell rings at the end of the day, kids scatter. Some of them hop aboard buses. Others climb in awaiting cars. There are some that walk home. For nearly 800 kids in Natrona County, their after school time is spent at school. Not in a classroom, but in the Club. Since 2005, …


28 Aug · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Summer Readers Celebrated

Kids who spend time in the pages of a book over the summer will likely be rewarded with a successful start to the school year. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming members received an additional reward in the form of an end of the summer party hosted by McDonald’s. Children who read at least …


6 Jul · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

From the Ground to the Table

“Can anyone tell me what plant has a stem that we eat?” The kids seemed stumped. They could answer the plants that we eat the root and the plants that we eat seeds, but a stem? It was part of a lesson from Cent$ible Nutrition, a program through the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension. The …


23 Jun · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

One Step at a Time

Get across the river with limited resources, teamwork and a little ingenuity. This week’s Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics lesson is called “stepping stones.” Members use three stepping stones (carpet squares) to get everyone across the river, moving their stones, racing the other teams to see who can get across first. Teams utilize the values of …


26 Jul · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Getting Their Hands Dirty

Once they were all adequately protected from the sun with a healthy slathering of sunscreen, little feet moved between the rows of greens and little hands began to dig in the earth. They tugged at sometimes stubborn weeds that had begun to pop through the ground.     “Is this a weed?” shouted one kid. …


11 Apr · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Bringing Clay to Life

The characters have taken their places within their scenes. It’s almost time to roll the cameras on this movie set. This is no ordinary shoot though. The characters are all made out of clay sculpted by elementary kids and the sets are small scale created with cardboard, colored paper and other miscellaneous craft supplies. Club …


18 Mar · Shauna VanderLinden · No Comments

Club Kids Tackle Bully Behavior

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far away, there lived an evil man named Baron Bully Von Bad Guy. He along with Grub Mouth Gorro, Sly Hand Scyth and Thrax the Raider are creating problems in Bully Land. Not to fear, the brave Knights and smart Princesses of the Paradise Valley Boys & Girls …


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