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Banking on Financial Literacy

Like many high schoolers, when Kiara has a few bucks in her pocket, she has a hard time not spending it.

“If I don’t put the money away right away, I know it’s there and I will spend it on candy or other junk,” shared Kiara.

The soon-to-be freshman hopes that by completing Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance course through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, she can be better equipped to manage her dollars and cents. Kiara and 12-year-old Madison recently completed the program.

Offered as a pilot program to teens at the Club, the 12-week course was facilitated by Scott Baxter, who volunteered his time to share the basic principals of money management.

“Our culture is so diverse economically that it is really easy to go from riches to rags quickly, but also possible to reverse that and go from rags to riches,” said Mr. Baxter. “I hope by offering this course, we can protect this generation from losing money and opportunities and help them realize their dreams.”

The program is based on five key foundations:

1. Build a $500 emergency fund.

2. Get out of debt.

3. Pay cash for cars.

4. Pay cash for college.

5. Give back.

Mr. Baxter says this pilot program is still in the development process ahead of the opening of the Financial Literacy Center, a partnership with the Natrona County School District. A course similar to this will help students within the school district fulfill their financial literacy requirement for graduation.

Of all of the lessons, the girls say most eye opening was how a mortgage works and how debt can affect your life.  Both Kiara and Madison received $50 from Jonah Bank to start their own savings account.

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