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Career Launch: Find Your Purpose

At the age of 17, Ian found himself in trouble with the law and kicked out of school. Over the next year, his work release had him drying vehicles at a car wash. He explains it as cold and miserable. He called it his wake-up call. It’s at this moment in his life that he decided he wanted better for himself.

“I knew the only way out was to get an education,” he told a group of teens.


Ian Sandefer talks with teens about career choices. ©BGCCW2016

Now, a lawyer, Ian Sandefer is using his story as an example that your life doesn’t have to be defined by bad decisions made as a youngster. He talked with a group of teens at the Boys & Girls Club as part of Career Launch. This BGCA program encourages Club members to look at their personal skills and interests to explore careers and make smart educational decisions to prepare to join the workforce.

When posed the question “Why do we work?”, the resounding answer was “to make money.” Mr. Sandefer pointed to research that shows the more education a person has, the more earning potential that person has. Though, he encouraged the teens to not just base their career decisions on money but to find something meaningful that will help give them purpose.

“Through Career Launch we hope to give teens the tools needed to prepare for a career path they choose,” said Chris Stier, BGCCW Teen Director.  “We want to show them what it takes to enter the workforce now as well as what it will take to have a career in a certain field (certificates, education, specialization, and etc). We will talk about resumes, interview skills, and professionalism within the program, as well.”

Mr. Stier will continue to invite guest speakers to expose youth to a variety of career opportunities, as well as take tours of different facilities. In November, Tim Postel will talk with the teens about his career path from working behind the counter as a teenager at McDonald’s to owning and operating four McDonald’s restaurants in Central Wyoming.


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