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Cowboy Ethics in the Club


Armed with a foam noodle and blindfolds, eight-year-old Aiden will defend his stash of candy against others who are trying to grab it. Use Your Noodle is just one game used to teach and reinforce principles from the Code of the West taught at the Clubs through Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics.  

This lesson, and hundreds like it, are based on the Jim Owen books, Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Values. As part of BGCCW’s Character Education Program, Club Members participate in the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics program. Members play a game, discuss the Values or Principles that relate to the game, and how those Values & Principles look in their everyday lives.

These lessons, like Use Your Noodle, have been written, executed, and continually improved by BGCCW in order to change lives. So how do these lessons instill messages of courage, optimism, and duty?

“It takes courage to be blindfolded and to go after the candy. It is the students’ duty to defend while the other students’ duty is to retrieve the candy, as well as follow any and all rules,” stated Sara Beth Lyon, Cowboy Ethics Outreach Coordinator. “All youth must have optimism that they will achieve their goals. The same goes for life; it takes courage to do a variety of things, one must follow the duties that they are given, and must be optimistic about all sorts of situations.”

“In today’s society,” Ms. Lyon Says, “It’s imperative to have a generation of youth who know exactly how to ‘Do What Needs To Be Done,’ or ‘Know Where To Draw The Line,’ and ‘Be Tough But Fair.’ Fundamental life values, or the code in which to live life by, defines how to interact in relationships, businesses, and communities around the world.”

“Having a foundation of belief allows adults and youth alike to make decisions based on principles and values, to be authentic, and to stand their ground when trials come.” Stated BGCCW Vice President of Operations, Jessica Baxter. “‘When you base your life on principles, most of your decisions are made before you encounter them.’” 

The values and principles represented in these books are simple, timeless, and represent the Wyoming lifestyle. BGCCW reinforces these lessons daily through expectations of how Club members treat one another and respond to each situation.

The mission of Cowboy Ethics is as follows: By establishing an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, we desire to inspire self-discovery in individuals of all ages and backgrounds, helping them build a framework of values and character.





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