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Cowboy Ethics Making Its Mark

The Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics program is good because …

* It’s showing me how I apply Cowboy Ethics in my life every day and how a big part of my life it is. Cowboy Ethics is also making me a better person and seeing what areas where I should work on apply Cowboy Ethics. I like how we can have fun and it’s interesting.

* I use everything I learn in this program to inspire myself in my everyday life!

* It has taught me a lot about the Code of the West. The Code of the West has helped me make better choices in life. I feel like I am becoming a better person by following this. More children and adults need to learn about this to help them through life and always be fair with everything they do.

* It makes us all interact with one another and really gets our minds going by trying to find strategies and the best ways to do something in the games we play. It helps us open our eyes more to how we’re living our everyday lives and how we could better them.

* It is important to learn about each of the Cowboy Ethics and how they apply to our daily lives. I feel like if we learn to live by them then they will also make our lives better.

* It provides a break from the more intensive parts of school, while acting as a fun, instructional way to better oneself. The wide variety of activities keeps it fresh and original.

81% said that Cowboy Ethics helped them to expand their knowledge to have a lifestyle based on their values & beliefs so they could become even better people!


Information gathered from 112 juniors and seniors at Kelly Walsh High School “Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics” classes during the Fall 2016 Semester. Character Ethics Certification courses provided in partnership with the Better Business Bureau of Northern Colorado & Wyoming


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