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Experience Virtual Reality


Suddenly, that weightless feeling takes over Josiah’s stomach, with the fluttering of anticipation as he lifts thousands of feet off the ground to hover over the ice caps of Mount Everest. It’s the same thrill Lucia gets as she balances on the brim of a volcano, or walks along the creekside of dense forest to gaze at a family of deer. With virtual reality, the world becomes a bigger place and ‘impossible’ is no longer in their vocabulary.

The new Susie McMurry Technology Center at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming is cutting edge and, with a Private Label VR system, is the first of its kind in the state of Wyoming. There are two private Virtual Reality systems and thirty Google Expeditions headsets. Soon, a maker space and full Media Center will be developed as well.

“It’s been the Club’s long term goal to incorporate Virtual Reality,” stated Club Director Brian McCarthy. “Club Members will not only be able to have fun with VR, but it will create endless opportunities for growth and learning.” Club members will be able to explore careers through simulators, create music, invent their own VR experiences, travel, and much more.

“More and more colleges, universities, and careers are incorporating this type of learning tool,” declared McCarthy. “As an organization, we strive to offer youth every opportunity to be successful in their futures; and I believe VR will help do just that.”

The Club is filled with gratitude for the support received in order to make this possible. Creating a positive and opportunistic environment for Club kids is one of our highest achievements. The Club utilizes every tool in order to assist youth in discovering and achieving their dreams as they become the best version of themselves. Virtual Reality is more than a game – it’s a lens to view the world beyond the borders of their circumstance. This system gives youth the chance to take risks learning new traits, discovering foreign lands, and observing their universe in a new light.

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