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Staff Star

Staff Star: Aynna Baker

“With Aynna’s personable nature and her organization skills, she has built an incredible rapport with parents and is able to keep them informed on the status of their accounts. She works to make sure parents understand their payment options and guides them with kindness and grace.” – Brandy Popp, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer



Q. What is your history with the Club? How long have you worked here?

I have been an employee of the Club for a little over a year, however my children have been members since 2009, and I also worked closely with the Club with a previous job.

Q. What made you want to work at the Club?

I was very excited about the new adventure and the chance to be a part of something much bigger then myself.

Q. What one lesson have you learned being immersed in the Club?

I have learned so much about the programs inside of the Club, there is so much more offered then just “child care”.

Q. What do you hope you leave with the kids?

I do not get to spend much time with the children, however I do my best to listen and help when a child seeks me out.  I am hoping to give them a secure place to talk.

Q. What is your favorite part of the day?

I make it a habit to celebrate all the little things in each day, so it is hard to pick just one favorite.

Q. If you had to explain to someone who may not be familiar with what happens at the Club, how would you explain it?

I get this chance all the time! I explain the program, fees, and time frames, then I get the opportunity to explain all of the fun things that happen within the Club.

Q. Tell us more about you. Family? Hobbies? Interests?

I have three amazing children, who definitely keep me on my toes at any given turn and a husband who keeps me grounded. My hobbies and interests are anything to do with my family and friends.

Aynna Baker is a finance assistant based at the Main Club in Casper.

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