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Staff Star

Staff Star: Cassie M.

“Each day she finds a new way to bring fun and excitement into the Club, all the while making sure her programs and activities are purposeful. She not only has an immense positive impact with our Club members, she has also positively impacted our organization as a whole.”

Brian McCarthy, Greater Casper Branch Director

Q. What is your history with the Club?

I have worked at the Main Club for the past few years. I have many titles and wear many hats but you can consider me something along the lines of Art Room and STEAM Coordinator, beginner gardener for our community garden, Master Party Planner and WYO Towne Assistant. 

Q. What made you want to work at the Club?

I remember hearing an ad once for Boys & Girls Club when I was younger and was interested in working for a ‘place like that’ to try and make a difference in our community when I was older. I moved to Casper a few years ago, was looking for a job, and heard of an opportunity at the Club. I was so excited to apply and honored that it was part of my path to grow.

Q. What one lesson have you learned being immersed in the Club?

As much as we are here to mentor our members, we can learn so much from them and I have. Every day is full of life lessons. We are here to be part of one better and growing community. 

Q. What do you hope you leave with the kids?

I want each kid to be themselves. And to be proud and brave in doing so. 

Q. What is your favorite part of the day?

I love when I get an opportunity to get know a kid or teen one-on-one. I love each kid’s unique personality and getting to know them on a deeper level. 

Q. If you had to explain to someone who may not be familiar with what happens at the Club, how would you explain it?

An average day at the Club may look a little chaotic from the outside but inside is a room made to reach out and welcome every unique personality. We are a place to fit in, learn to grow, and find a place where you want to belong, develop hobbies and passions you want to create. The Club is the place YOU make it. Our staff works hard to design programs the kids want to participate in. It’s a Club dedicated to our younger community, to be part of something more. 

Q. Tell us more about you. Family? Hobbies? Interests?

I have a growing family of one adventurous daughter, a tiny dog, a cat much larger than the dog and four little therapy chickens. I love to spend my weekends gardening when the weather is nice and being my daughter’s sidekick on all of her adventures. I am trying to spend more of my free time working with different art styles, attempting to improve my cooking skills, and continuing education. 

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