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Staff Stars

Staff Star: Brian McCarthy

“It is an honor to be able to work with our community, parents, and many of the children in it every day. It is truly amazing what we accomplish together every day and it is humbling to be a part of this organization and be able to work with such talented staff.”

Brian McCarthy, Main Club Director

©BGCCW2016Q. Tell us about your Club story. When did you start? What brought you to the Club?

I started with BGCCW in June of 2001 as a summer program leader. Fresh out of high school, I needed a job and I saw an ad in the paper. I thought to myself “Working with kids could be fun for a little while.” 15 years later, here I am!

Q. What makes you stay at the Club?

I have stayed with the Club all these years because every day is different and even after all this time, I still learn something new every day. Most of all I stay here because it’s a blast and I am excited for the challenge of being the best and most positive place for kids!

Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned being part of the Movement?

Through my time here I have learned to not take my self too seriously. The kids teach me this because they poke fun at me all the time. I think one of the biggest things we can teach our youth is to laugh at life and approach it with a smile.

Q. As the (self- proclaimed) World’s Best Ping Pong player, did you perfect your game over the years at the Club or is this a talent you were born with?

I am recognized by all staff, co-workers, community leaders, and throughout the sports world as the world’s greatest Ping Pong Player. It is quite the honor and I am humbled to have so much respect for my game thrust upon me! My ping pong game is an example of when hard work and dedication meets the highest of natural abilities, truly amazing things can happen! All I can say to my fans: “is keep dreaming and work hard to achieve those dreams and who knows? Maybe someday you could achieve as much as I have in the game of ping pong!”

Q. Your Club recognizes the Youth of the Month. What must a kid exhibit to earn this title? Why do you think it’s important to recognize kids in this way?

Each month throughout the school year at the Main Branch, we recognize one Club member as Youth of the Month. These members are kids that give back to the Club by helping staff with activities, cleaning, Club maintenance, as well as other areas. They are also great role models for other members. They must treat others with kindness and respect and look out for their fellow Club members. It is so important to recognize these members they impact our program in such a positive way!


  • Thomas Annable says:

    I was sitting here thinking about you guys…remembering all of you..I am so glad you are well! God Bless you-
    Thomas Annable-
    Denver, CO

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