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Summer Brain Gain

Imagine starting the school year anew, fourth grade is both exciting and nerve wracking – when it becomes apparent that what you learned last year is now blank. Research indicates that most youths lose approximately two months of grade-level equivalency in math skills over the summer months. To make matters worse, school closures and virtual learning challenges from spring 2020 have made learning loss all the more extreme. Extended school closures are reported to affect student learning, resulting in a lack of progress and the loss of mastery and knowledge.

That’s why the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming has implemented a six-week academic program called Summer Brain Gain! 

This program mitigates summer learning loss by providing engaging, hands-on learning to youth with an emphasis on literacy, STEM, and career development. Studies show that six weeks of concentrated summer learning programs can produce significant gains in reading performance and math skills.

Club kids creating a board game

Club youth engage in one hour of Brain Gain programming daily while the staff creates an environment of active learning for continued discovery and exploration learning through field trips and other engaging activities.

Amanda Montes, Academic Outreach Coordinator, “This program is molded around activities such as creating new ice cream flavors, building replicas of historic monuments, and weaving their own Kente cloths.” 

By participating in academically challenging activities, youth engage in the skills needed to be successful in school and keep them on track for the following grade level. Some of the activities include creating their own board game, discovering the science behind food, creating their own inventions, and learning about animal habitats; along with covering a reading list that includes books such as ‘Because,’ and ‘The Parker Inheritance.’ 

“The kids love all the lessons but especially the STEM ones where they get to conduct experiments,” Ms. Amanda explained. “We use an activity to understand the composition of dry ice and how it affects other mediums like soapy water, juice, and fire from a candle.” 

All youth from 6-18 are participating in Summer Brain Gain this year. 

When the new school year is underway and because of the Summer Brain Gain programming, that fourth-grader won’t walk into the classroom unsure of herself; rather with confidence and excitement for what lies ahead.

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