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The Path to Great Futures

With the sunset of the Strategic Plan 2013-2016, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming’s Board of Directors got to work on a new detailed blue print for the next few years. In an intense retreat, board members and leadership defined the focus areas and hammered out a plan to take the Club to the next level. This plan was taken to both operations staff and support staff for further work on how to implement through specific actions and strategies. It was truly a collaborative process to create complete investment across the organization.

The Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 is as follows:


1. Support

    While applying effective planning and using well trained, committed personnel, BGCCW will seek and build strong partnerships through positive educational and community experiences and resources.

2. Delivery

    Champion opportunities for all youth by providing strong, quality programming with dedicated, passionate leaders and staff who take pride in providing a fun and safe environment while achieving measurable results utilizing a continuous improvement process.

3. Growth

    Leverage the strength of our brand to motivate youth to become members  so that they can benefit from persistent and purposeful impact through the Optimal Club Experience.

Resource Development

1. Donor Retention

    Build quality and meaningful relationships with donors through stewardship and solicitation strategies, increasing donor loyalty to the Club while educating investors on the impact their gifts have made on the youth of Central Wyoming.

2. Community Engagement

¬† ¬† Engage the community in the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs – to serve all youth – through outreach and education, providing an avenue for¬†‚Äúdifference making‚ÄĚ through volunteer, sponsorship, and donation¬†opportunities.

3. Planning for the Future

    Further develop a focused planned giving program Рincluding designated staff and the establishment of a professional advisory committee Рdesigned to secure the long-term future of the Boys & Girls Clubs through gifts made to the BGCCW Endowment Foundation.

Support Service

1. To focus on the well-being of our children and staff, creating a safe and secure environment in which all children thrive.

2. To become a fiscally solvent organization with diverse funding sources, whereby 100% of all capital projects and programs are funded independent of membership fees.

3. Enhance board development processes to produce engaged, passionate and effective Board members. To be able to discover and own their Club stories, Board members will be empowered to become strong and meaningful ambassadors for youth and the organization.

4. Develop formal, written professional development processes to train and grow staff to become the most effective in their fields. To ensure vitality of the organization, develop and implement a dynamic succession plan to include all levels of leadership.


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