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“My passion is helping kids make the most out of themselves and helping them to see how much good they can do for the people around them.”

Tell us more about yourself?

“I have lived in Fremont County for four years.  Before that, I lived in Glenrock pretty much my entire life.  I was the Glenrock Branch Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming while I lived there!

I have been married to my husband, Will, for eleven years.  We have two children, Ella and Sawyer, and they come to Club with me almost every day.  I am lucky to be able to homeschool them and work full-time!”

What made you want to work at the Club?

“I love working with kids and their families and seeing the difference the Club makes on the lives of everyone who is involved — from kids, to parents, staff, and community members.”

What is one lesson you have learned while working at the Club?

“Something that I have learned over the years of working for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming is that every child is unique.  What one kids needs is different from what others need.  As trusted adults in their lives, we are integral in helping them overcome hurdles, achieve goals, and become responsible adults.  If we do our job right, the kids will shine and will go on to become successful individuals.”

What is a fun fact about you?

“There are many interesting facts about me!  One fact is that I love to go gold prospecting.  I am a member of the Wyoming Prospectors Association and we have monthly meetings where we talk about business and then go looking for gold in the mountains!”

What is a special Club memory of yours?

“It’s so hard to pick out just one special Club memory.  When I worked in the Glenrock Branch, I formed very close friendships with members and their parents.  I still see all of “my Club kids” around town and even in other parts of the state, and we all keep in touch.   I am always so proud of those kiddos when they achieve milestones!”

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