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Photo Tour of WyoTowne and Towne Sponsors!

WyoTowne students have the opportunity to work at one of ten shops when they visit for their Towne day! Each of these shops has a different function and different tasks for Towne youth. Many of our shops are sponsored, allowing us to provide the best experiences we can for Towne youth working each shop!

Our Shops and Sponsors

TV Station

Going clockwise around WyoTowne, the first shop you come to is the Television Station! The Television Station broadcasts commercials for all businesses and provides a newscast of the day’s events. Videos and pictures are uploaded on a password-protected platform for viewing after Towne. It employs a manager, accountant, up to two reporters/ad agents, and up to two photojournalists.

Towne Hall

The next shop is Towne Hall, generously sponsored by Stifel. Towne Hall is in charge of making sure the laws Towne members made are being followed throughout the day. Towne Hall employs the Towne mayor, judge, accountant, mail carrier and up to three police officers.

Sign & Print

The Sign & Print shop is sponsored by Atlas Premiere Service, who helps us print all of the materials needed to prep for and run WyoTowne! The Sign & Print shop is in charge of making all the signs and sending letters for Towne. Towne citizens can buy signs for themselves to take home. Sign & Print employs a manager, and accountant, and up to two graphic artists and designers/sales representatives.

Snack Shop

The Snack Shop is sponsored by McDonalds! McDonalds supplies some of the items the Snack Shop sells to Towne citizens. Throughout their Towne day, citizens can visit the Snack Shop to buy themselves a snack from the menu. The Snack Shop employs a manager, accountant, and up to three salespeople.

Container Store

The Container Store assembles and sells containers and other products. The store has briefcases that are sold exclusively on Towne kiosks. It employs a manager, accountant, and up to two assemblers/finishers.


The Newspaper reports and prints a physical newspaper, complete with health tips, editorials, and business ads. It employs a manager/editor, accountant, up to two reporters, and up to two typist/ad agents.

YA Bank

YA Bank is sponsored by Hilltop Bank, First Interstate Bank, Platte Valley Bank, and Jonah Bank. YA Bank handles all of the Towne citizens’ deposits and withdrawals. All citizens are required to make at least one transaction with the bank before the end of their Towne day. YA Bank employs a bank president, vice president, and up to four two tellers.

Medical Center

The Medical Center diagnoses and treats medical problems for citizens in Towne. This shop also sells healthcare specific items. It employs a manager, accountant, up to two doctors, and up to two health technicians/insurance coordinators.

Radio Station

The Radio Station, dedicated in loving memory of late broadcaster Brian Scott Gamroth, provides music, news, and advertising for Towne. Broadcasting begins as the ribbon-cutting ceremony is completed and continues throughout the day. It employs a manager, accountant, and up to two disc jockeys/ad agents.

Energy Resources

The Energy Resources shop is sponsored by Kenny Electric! Energy Resources makes money by providing energy saving maintenance to all shops and selling related products. It employs a manager, accountant, service technician, and up to two sales people.

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