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Staff Appreciation

We are so grateful for our amazing staff! We recently honored our staff for their devotion and accomplishments at staff appreciation! Our staff always does their jobs to the best of their ability and we appreciate them and all they do.

Youth Development MVP - 2022 Winner Maurica Medders

Maurica Medders, Glenrock Branch Director

“Maurica has made the Glenrock Club such an exciting Club for youth to attend! Personal attention, personal education, personal training, personal learning, endless field trips exposing kids to things they may have never seen or done – and all of this while getting ready to move into a new Club building and cleaning up the old site. Maurica has not skipped a beat.”

Program Support All Star - 2022 Winner Brittany Wilson

“Brittany works hard everyday. She has a lot of different “hats” she wears but is always prompt and willing to help.

Brittany always going above and beyond to help the Boys & Girls Clubs succeed.”

Brittany Wilson, Financial Assistant

Rookie of the Year - 2022 Winner Cece Tolin

Cece Tolin, Events Coordinator

*Pictured here with Willie Robertson, Keynote Speaker at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming 24th Annual Awards & Recognition Breakfast.

“In one year, Cece has embraced the Events Coordinator position, made it her own, implemented well-received changes and transformed the organization’s thinking in regard to this critical position. She is organized, but still flexible and engaging and attentive. Her professionalism and standing in the community enhance the Club’s position in the community as well by association. And she is just a lot of fun to work with!”

Wilma English Award - 2022 Winner April Crider

“April Crider is the rock and foundation of the Buffalo Club’s immense success! She greets members with a smiling face every day, while managing the administrative duties of billing, collecting, and reporting, and she does all things with poise and grace! She has committed several years to the Club and serves selflessly!

On top of being the best in her field, she is also excellent with the members at her Club. She knows every member by name, recognizes all their parents before they walk through the door, and spends many nights helping correct members who are having a hard time with grace and love; she helps put on soccer cleats, distributes Band-Aids, and is there to talk with members who need a listening ear–which are all things that are not anywhere in her job description. On top of these amazing attributes, April is a culture contributor that any organization would dream about. She is someone that is always warm and makes you feel safe. She is always willing to put the interest of others above her.”

April Crider, Buffalo Financial Assistant

Past winners of the Wilma English Award in Attendance at Staff Appreciation.

Past Winners Include

(No Repeat Winners)

  1. Kay Taylor
  2. Michelle Holden
  3. Nancy Nemitz
  4. Jason Barrett
  5. Kristine Koss
  6. Jessica Baxter
  7. Derek DeBoer
  8. Pedro Mendez
  9. Brian McCarthy
  10. Brandy Popp
  11. Nicole Arner
  12. Lou Bruggman
  13. Beth Herden
  14. Cody Stanton
  15. Shauna VanderLinden
  16. Amanda Montes

What is the Wilma English Award?

The Wilma English Award is presented in memory of a caring community leader who is recognized for being the brainchild of the Casper Boys Club, which was later named the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming. Mrs. English, whose sons attended a Boys Club in South Dakota, realized that Casper needed a youth organization to serve boys after school and during the summer.  On November 19, 1969, Mrs. English, along with John Fanto and Charles Hancock became officers of the club as it was incorporated by the State of Wyoming.

To be eligible for this prestigious award, an individual must measure up to the following criteria:

1.      The individual must-by thought, word and deed-exemplify the highest type of professional Boys & Girls Club worker.

2.      The individual must have given 100% plus of him/herself in service to the development of Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming.

3.      The individual must have demonstrated unusual initiative, imagination and creativeness in the interest of boys and girls.

4.      Putting the interest of Boys & Girls Clubs above self-interest.

Staff Honored for Years of Service

In addition the the above awards, several staff were honored with Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Service Recognition awards for years of service.

15 Years of Devoted Service

Beth Herden, Greater Casper Branch Director

10 Years of Devoted Service

Anthony MacMillan, Paradise Valley Branch Assistant Director

5 Years of Devoted Service

April Crider, Buffalo Financial Assistant

Sherman Hill, Teen Director

Gabriela Loya, Lincoln Branch Director

Zach Powell, Park Branch Director

Jacque Stoldt, Riverton Branch Director

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