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Summer 2022 Career Works

Summer Career Works programming wrapped up on August 25, 2022, after 10 weeks of hands-on career experiences. The first six weeks of the summer program were spent at Moser Energy Systems, and the last four at Automation & Electronics.

Moser Energy Systems

The first week at Moser Energy Systems, teens were greeted by CEO Peter Dawes to kick off their time there and practiced job applications and interviews with Moser staff. Teens were also given a safety orientation and were fitted with steel toe boots that they get to keep.

Careers Works at Moser Energy wrapped up with the annual Moser Car Show. The car show showed teens how learning trade skills, like mechanics, can help in other areas, such as vehicle care. Moser and the teens celebrated with a barbeque lunch and ice cream.

The second through fifth weeks at Moser Energy Systems, teens spent rotating through stations to learn different aspects of Moser’s industry. One group worked on tearing down and rebuilding engine cylinder heads, using a vacuum seal to check the PSI and greasing the heads to create a proper seal. The second group helped take apart and reassemble a natural gas engine and learned the different parts and functions. The third group worked with 2D CAD to program a laser cutter to cut designs teens chose and customized into metal. Finally, the last group studied the importance of supply chain and inventory and discovered why correct ordering and inventory is essential to keep a business running smoothly. Teens were also given feedback on their interviews from the first week and tips on how to interview better in the future.

Automation & Electronics

Career Works programming at Automation & Electronics began with teens learning how to make circuits safely and how to build a lightbulb. Teens tested our pencil-lead filaments and wiring and timed how long our lights stayed lit (the record was 20 seconds!).

Finally, teens wrapped up Summer Career Works and their time at Automation & Electronics wiring a three-way switch. This kind of switch is a challenge for electricians and is used to allow lights to be turned on or off at opposite ends of a hallway, staircase, or room. The teens rose to the challenge and accomplished the tricky wiring challenge through team-work.

Teens spent their second and third weeks at Automation & Electronics learning how to wire a traffic light, and how to program a programmable logic controller (PLC) so the lights cycle through different signals.

Career Works vocational training will continue throughout the school year in Casper and Glenrock and weekly on Fridays through the TRANSFR VR program. TRANSFR VR allows teens to explore what interests them in virtual reality, as well as work on portfolios and resumes to track their progress and get a head start in their future careers. Teens have the opportunity to experience over 20 career pathways in trade skills, automotive, diesel, hospitality, and much more. 

Teens have shared that Career Works has helped them identify career paths for their futures and has given them confidence with interviewing. 

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