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The Future – I.T. Matters



The long-awaited moment has finally come: renovation has taken way on the new Susie McMurry Technology Center! The project will add 2,300 sq ft to the Main Club on East K Street, expanding the number of children served from 48 to 90. There will be maker spaces for robotics, digital arts, and electronic media, offering opportunities such as coding, cyber safety, content creation, website creation and so much more! This addition allows for the old technology center to be turned into a college classroom and a workspace for the Club to College curriculum.

“Ultimately, the main purpose of the center, is to inspire,” says Diane McGinley, BGCCW Board of Directors. “Inspiring the next Elon Musk, the next person to walk in space and the next CNC machinist programmer. A woman will walk with confidence in her nursing program because of the nurse simulation technology. Another will be inspired to be an engineer and work for a medical device company. This is a great day!”




Technology serves purposes vastly beyond anything in our past. It has transformed from basic concepts of convenience into a necessity of the future. BGCCW, Youth of the Year and Senior at Kelly Walsh High School, Brentan B., expressed, “Utilizing technology is not a luxury but a necessity in every career avenue of our future.” Fewer schools give out books anymore – everything is shared with students electronically. And as the Club continually spreads its outreach of youth, BGCCW is aiming to be better prepared to offer every bit of technological advantage possible. “This expansion allows kids access to something new that is cutting edge from a technology standpoint. We’re also creating this structure to allow for flexibility, growth, and be as future proof as possible,” said Tim Schenk, GSG Architecture.


BGCCW is pushing the limits of technology and building an even greater future for the youth who are tomorrow’s lawyers, bus drivers, politicians, scientists, artists, and so much more. 

Casper Mayor Charles Powell expressed deep gratification for the impact BGCCW has on the youth and those at risk. “This groundbreaking expands the capacity of this program to continue doing these good things. A word of encouragement to continue your efforts because it matters. It’s in the best interest of all citizens of Casper, for BGCCW to have a wide range of opportunities for kids. I’m proud to be a member of a community that supports organizations like this.” 


The Susie McMurry Technology Center is scheduled to be completed in mid-spring of 2020.








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