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Weekend Camping Impacts Club Kids Future

The clear waters of a babbling brook sweep past little toes dangling from the bank and the crackling pops of a campfire are not far off. And, what would a camping trip be without catching a 20-inch walleye and grilling it up for supper?

A handful of Club members had an unforgettable experience during their Passport to Manhood camping trip. Wyo Parks partnered with BGCCW in arranging a weekend getaway at Seminoe Reservoir. They supplied sleeping bags, foam pads, headlights, and pillows to ensure each kiddo had a pleasant outdoor experience. During the two-day trip, the Club kids were given fishing lessons from North Platte Walleyes Unlimited. Thanks to their fishing poles and demo, that’s when Club kid Kaine D. made the catch of a lifetime with the massive walleye! In addition to fishing, Club members learned about plants and antlers from Wyoming Game and Fish presentations.

These young men are all part of our program, Passport to Manhood Club and completed weekly meetings and graduated from the program; this was their reward for their hard work and dedication to the program. Passport to Manhood addresses critical issues adolescent males face, such as ethics, decision-making, wellness, careers, cooperation and conflict, diversity, relationships, and self-esteem.

“All the boys got to put the skills they learned in Passport to Manhood to the test in this environment. They all had opportunities to be leaders, work in teams to accomplish goals, handle differences in opinion in an effective manner, support others, and communicate effectively,” explained Main Club Director, Brian McCarthy. “All while having fun in a camp environment. These kinds of trips are not only important because of the opportunities for growth but because many of these young men have not got to experience camping in Wyoming before!”

It was a time to study the stars and build fires for roasting marshmallows; but more than that, this experience, “Taught them how to navigate from a boy to becoming a man. While it’s difficult to judge the impact it’ll have now, this trip will be one the kids don’t ever forget,” stated Youth Development Professional, Zach Powell.

The Passport to Manhood Club is far from through with their camping endeavors. During the summer of 2021, they hope to have more adventures and even partake in some ice fishing as well!

Brian McCarthy passionately stated, “These types of trips and the Passport to Manhood program as a whole provides a safe venue for club members to build character through tackling real-life issues affecting them! By doing things like fishing in teams, learning to cook for each other, learning to build a fire, and setting up camp together, they got to see how important it is to be part of the community and not only be relied upon but how important it is to work together.”

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