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Fifth Grade Students Run Their Own Town for a Day

Financial Literacy at WyoTowne

Young AmeriTowne: WyoTowne

Young AmeriTowne: WyoTowne is a blended-learning program that teaches fifth grade students from around the state about personal finance and the economy. At the end of their lessons, students travel to WyoTowne in Casper to run their own town for a day. In their day at WyoTowne, students experience a complete economy, profit and loss, insurance premiums, payroll, and business transactions, as well as town government and civics.

Students’ day at WyoTowne starts with the a brief orientation by WyoTowne staff, and youth take on their roles and get ready for their shifts to start. Here, students from Eastside Elementary in Rock Springs prepare for their WyoTowne experience.

All jobs at WyoTowne are different and as such, training and duties for each job also vary. For example, employees at the Snack Shop must determine their prices according to anticipated supply and demand; Container Store employees have to learn how to prep the orders they get throughout the day; and those serving as police officers must make sure they know the laws by heart and are ready to enforce them.

After students have “clocked in” to their jobs, all citizens of the town meet back at Town Square to participate in the Opening Ceremony, where the elected officials are sworn in and the mayor gives the opening address. After the mayor cuts the ribbon, WyoTowne is officially open!

Throughout the day, students “work” their assigned jobs, purchase items and food, manage their debit card transactions, make bank withdrawals, balance their checkbooks, are sometimes taken to the hospital and charged insurance premiums, and unfortunately, some are even arrested for breaking the laws the students set.

The goal of the WyoTowne program is to provide every youth with workplace experience and etiquette, financial literacy, and an understanding of a free enterprise economy.

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